Musicians who totally lost their cool onstage

As Guns N' Roses got bigger and more successful, Axl Rose became weirder and more unhinged. His behavior reached an embarrassing crescendo in St. Louis on July 2, 1991, when (as recalled by the Riverfront Times), Rose went ballistic on a fan and turned the show into a full-blown riot.

During "Rocket Queen," Rose noticed a fan named Bill Stephenson taking pictures from the crowd. He wasn't an official photographer, and the singer found this unacceptable. Dropping his voice about three octaves, he started yelling for security to grab Stephenson's camera, until proclaiming, "I'll take it, goddamn it!" Rose jumped into the crowd and beat on Stephenson – this was bad enough, but then he got back onstage, exclaimed "Thanks to the lame-ass security, I'm going home," and left. He's certainly a man of his word, even if his word is insane and ridiculous.

Once the crowd realized the young redhead wasn't coming back, they went bananas. They began to riot, ripping up seats, stealing equipment, and tangling with cops. Public opinion blamed Rose, and so did the legal system: After almost two dozen lawsuits, he wound up paying millions in damages. The band, as revenge, wrote "f*ck you, St. Louis" in the liner notes of their next album, and Rose started wearing shirts onstage that said "St. Louis sucks." Apparently that's what happens when you separate Axl Rose from his money.


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