Mike Trout’s contract extension with the Angels is so much dang money

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have resolved their biggest, happiest problem. Mike Trout, baseball’s best player, is no longer two years away from free agency. Thanks to a 12-year contract extension, he’s now set to spend the vast majority of his extraordinary career with the Angels.

Trout coming to terms on a new deal was no foregone conclusion. With the Angels in something like rebuilding mode and teams like the Phillies making eyes at the center fielder, the mammoth return Trout might have drawn in a trade was enough to get people wondering whether they might have been better off taking it. If you’re not making good use of a generational star, other, cheaper can options start to look attractive.

Fortunately for their fans, the Angels decided not to go cheap. Securing Trout’s services for the next 12 years cost them $430 million. $430 million! That is a totally unfathomable amount of cash.

Fortunately, SB Nation is here to help you fathom it.

Mike Trout’s new contract is larger than …

The Tampa Bay Rays payroll.

The budget of Avengers: Age of Ultron ($340M)

The GDP of Micronesia ($335M)

The Miami Dolphins’ total salary for 3 years ($381M)

With $430 million you could buy …

1.5 Jerry Jones super yachts.

The Weather Channel.

430 million tacos.

10,750 of the most expensive thing Tiffany & Co. sell on their site.


Our numbers show he might be able to buy 296M trout.

Every Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita (the world’s most-expensive car) in existence. $235.2M.

107,500 pure-bred French bulldog puppies — more than the population of Trout’s home town of Vineland, NJ (60,392).


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