The untold truth of Glam Masters

Not only is Glam Masters the first reality competition show Kim Kardashian has both created and produced for television, but the show's chosen winner helped Kardashian to develop a first-ever product for her KKW Beauty line. Talk about important firsts!

In an interview with Life & StyleGlam Masters' season one winner, Argenis Pinal, dished on his once-in-a-lifetime collaboration with beauty mogul Kardashian. "We were both very involved [in the process]," Pinal told the publication. "We [spoke] through conference calls, and it started off with a storyboard, and then we talked about colors, lipsticks, pigment, loose pigment, and metallics."

Eventually, Pinal and Kardashian decided to debut a line of KKW eyeshadow sticks (called the KKW + ARGENIS Créme Color Sticks) — a first for the Kardashian beauty brand. As winner of the Glam Masters competition, Pinal was given the opportunity to decide the eyeshadow sticks' colors, as well as name them all: Genis, Muyor, Dramatico, Peshosa, and Comic King.


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